Introducing myFlashcards

myFlashcards - collaborative learning instrument that allows creating study groups of any size and uploading learning materials for these groups electronically.

Students study materials as a member of a group or individually while application records their progress. Teachers/Instructors push content to group of students, monitor progress online, and analyze based on reports.

myFlashcards can be integrated in your e-learning platform or used as standing along application while requires no maintenance and has Zero footprint. Web and Mobile Applications are available.

Online or offline – no problem!

It will synchronize your work as soon as you are connected!

myFlashcards Features

Study flashcards using Web or Mobile app. Work offline while on-the-go, synchronize when online.
Create your own custom decks of flashcards with text and images.
Share flashcards with your classmates or keep them private for individual study.
Find on Web
Download and study flashcards from the Web.
Track your progress online or subscribe to periodic reporting service.

Why use myFlashcards

For students
For teachers
For Institutions
For publishers

Allows group of students/participants to study shared Flashcards individually or in the group.

Students create their own flashcards and share them with their group or make them private.

Enables individual progress tracking for each deck of flashcards.

Work offline while on-the-go, synchronize when online.

Allows teachers/instructors/group admins to push decks of flashcards to the group of students.

Turns iPad or PC from personal device to collaborative teaching/learning instrument.

Promotes project-based learning and helps fostering teamwork.

Enables progress monitoring via reports.

Has Zero footprint and requires minimal maintenance.

Helps to optimize course design.

Provides statistics about student/teacher progress.

Allows to keep and reuse content.

Improves learning experience and quality of teaching.

Can be easily integrated with existing e-learning system.

Transforms print-based static materials into digital dynamic content.

Can be easily integrated with any e-learning system.

Helps to optimize course design.

Enhances adaption by creating common learning environment.

Maximizes use of textbook and resources.

Engages publisher, author, educator and students.

Helps to grow subject in the community.

What our users say

It's a fact; learning improves with repetition. And in combination with its collaborative ability and ease of sharing content with group, makes MyFlashCards the best repetition tool available today.
Jeffrey Heilbrunn
Adjunct Instructor of marketing
The myFlashcard system offers a fun, innovative, user-friendly, and creative way to engage instructors and students in the sharing of knowledge. It’s takes a classic learning tool and brings it into the Technological Age, where everyone can benefit from its fantastic design and usability.
Dr. Stephen Mack
Dissertation Writing Expert and Adjunct Instructor for TOPS, TCSPP
The flashcards activity is one of the most talks about activities by the students in my courses. I enjoy the tool as well as my students. All my students have communicated positive feedback for this tool. Many of them noted how the tool is user friendly which is very helpful for individuals that feel somewhat apprehensive about computer activities.
Coralie Castro, Psy.D.
Adjunct Faculty Instructor M.A. Forensic Psychology Program